MMS 8000 is a fully ruggedized, multi-mission embedded computer purpose-built for deployment in austere environments for demanding defense and commercial applications. MMS-8000 offers robust IO and system expansion for a true single solution with centralized and converged sensor ingest, processing, networking, storage, controls, and distribution – supporting the mission with reliable tactical processing and communications enabling capabilities. MMS-8000 is ideal for x86-based high performance computing applications with GPU intensive algorithms that benefit from significant parallel processing with low latency.


With an industrial silicone rubber backlit keypad, the AK-4 series of keyboards is designed for use in rugged applications. The AK-4 resists dust and water and is perfect for use in fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. An integrated mouse pointer enhances functionality while minimizing the overall size of the keyboard.

The precision slides ensure smooth retraction of the keyboard when not in use. The AK-4 allows for a range of installation options with AeroComputers map systems and other compatible devices.

UC-6000 - The Ultimate Digital Mapping System

Featuring the functionality of AeroComputers UltiChart™ combined with UC3D video overlay and a digital video recorder all in one compact package, the new UC-6000 single box solution and operating system is completely rebuilt and features all new industry-best targeting with smart search, adaptive street labels, touchscreen compatibility, and much more.

UtiliChart™ Mission Mount
Mapping Software

UltiChart™ (Mission Management System) system software, consisting of a digital mapping system, mission management software, UltiChart3D (UC3D) live video overlay, and a built in two channel digital video recorder (DVR). AeroComputers also provides the AK-4 keyboard/pointer, which is the preferred user interface device.

AeroComputers, Inc. currently supports over 700 UltiChart™ systems worldwide. Customers include police and sheriff’s departments, search and rescue, special missions, National Guard, military, federal and national police.