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Challenger Supply Chain

Partners & Suppliers

Challenger partners and suppliers are part of an extended family, each playing a crucial role in our joint success.


Challenger sources some 60% of it parts from external sources. We work with more than 1,000 suppliers worldwide, who provide products and services for manufacturing and active use aircraft.


Challenger is continuously developing its supplier base; our external procurement is equivalent to a third of our revenues.

What challenger builds:

Challenger is one of the leading manufacturers of embedded computers, unmanned systems, and situational awareness equipment for both commercial and military aircraft. Before becoming a supplier to Challenger, your company needs to become familiar with challengers’ position in the aerospace industry.

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What challenger buys:

Challenger buys many products and services each year, which fall into a four categories:

Aerospace support

Maintenance and modification labor, repair and overhaul services, spares, training services, engineering services, ground support equipment; and specialized part handling and distribution.

Avionics and Avionics Components

Forgings, castings, wire bundles, mechanical and electrical adapters, fasteners, microcircuits, retainers, and sealants

Common Aerospace Commodities

Communication systems, display systems, cockpit instruments, navigation and guidance systems, mission management systems, sensors, recording and storage systems, cables, and processors.


New technology, advancements in state-of-the-art of existing technologies, non-production prototypes, testing and evaluation, white papers, studies, analysis, and research.