Challenger Aerospace Systems (CAS), offers unmanned vehicles design, manufacturing, and testing of unmanned vehicles and products. Our core expertise is in design and manufacturing. Our design of unmanned vehicles has allowed (CAS) to develop a number of supporting competencies in the design of electronic systems, integration of payloads, design, and fabrication of related Ground Support Equipment (GSE) including the design and fabrication of metal structures and of course our world class training.


CAS has developed considerable engineering capabilities in the execution of our many projects. Our capabilities begin with a strong engineering department equipped with the latest design tools and equipment.

Aerodynamic Design and Analysis – CAS past experience in unmanned vehicles design and develop tools and team an of specialist and experts to optimize our design and manufacturing. CAS offers computational analysis and design of configurations ranging from 2-D airfoils to fan and rotor blades to complete configuration analysis. The linear theory tools are particularly well suited for the preliminary design environment, providing rapid turn-around of analyses of aircraft. Our use of modern design tools allows us to export solid models and work virtually with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) experts from around the country. These aerodynamic analysis tools are a central part of establishing keeping designs cost-effective and removing the limitations and the high cost of wind tunnel testing eliminating the inherent inconsistency, and correction factors.

Unmanned Vehicle Design – As designers and developers of unmanned vehicles, ground support equipment, and providing unmanned vehicles operations and training. Challenger is truly a unique company. All of our design process documentation managed under a quality system. Our SolidWorks and auto cad, 3D CAD system includes automated tools for controlling drawings and design configurations.

Composite Design and Tooling – CAS has the facilities and tools necessary to produce tooling for composite parts very quickly and accurately. The primary tool is a multi-axis numerically controlled (NC) gantry router. Our multi-axis router is networked to our CAD stations where surfaces of many different formats can be used by our customers. For a larger scale production project production-quality hard tools can be constructed from plugs that are made on the NC machine. Although aircraft is our primary product, our tooling can be used for anything that requires composite parts.

Unmanned Vehicles Testing – Our full-service flight operations department conducts missions worldwide. This capability allows CAS to easily execute unmanned test programs.   Our engineers are passionate about flying and work regularly in the flight operations department, supplementing our pilot team during peak periods. CAS maintains a comprehensive data acquisition capability that includes real-time air-to-ground and ground to ground telemetry capability. Data reduction can be performed in real-time and displayed to the pilots and ground crew. Our system of computers, recorders, and transducers combined with ground-based facilities provides complete information to our engineers. Data and reports can be provided to customers in any preferred format.

Production – CAS produces our unmanned vehicles UAV/UAS/USV/UGV in its state of the art manufacturing facility in Nevada.