Ground Control Station Training

Ground Control Station Training: GCS-UAV/UAS/ Commercial Training.

This Challenger course teaches the responsible of GCS-UAV communication and operation of the GCS software and its dedicated communications protocols. Payload capabilities like multisensor observation gimbal control or other dedicated equipment service are also implemented in the same specialized software for payload management.

Training is essential to mission success and asset optimization. Our seasoned professionals work with students to understand their requirements and develop a unique, affordable and effective curriculum.  Courseware solutions are built in a modular architecture so they can be tailored to unique customers and platforms, thereby minimizing both cost and time-to-delivery. Course offerings include classroom instruction, hands-on training and distance learning for a well-rounded approach to initial training and sustained concurrency.


  • Real-time full platform control
  • Up to 3 pieces of UAV platforms at one time
  • UAV Platform Connection Wizard
  • Mission recorder and Mission player
  • HUD and artificial horizon fully configurable display
  • Real-time telemetry data visualisation
  • Edit Only (editor) & View Only (onboard) Modes
  • Waypoints multi action assignment
  • Mission plans can be saved/loaded/edited
  • User friendly operations on waypoints (adding, editing, moving, swapping etc.)
  • Photogrammetric mission planning tools
  • Based on Open Window Architecture (OWA)
  • User defined GUI layout
  • Multi-screen display support
  • Database backup
  • Multi payload system control
  • Video streaming or picture support
  • Geotagging
  • Scene, static or moving object „auto tracking”
  • Hill/SIL (real autopilot and GCS) simulation support
  • Mission training on real UAV and GCS
  • Mission environment and weather condition editor
  • Map editor (adding layers, drawing on map)
  • Support for WMS, WFS, ESRI REST, SHaPefiles and other map formats
  • 2D/3D view modes GCS – Ground Control Station software
  • Accurate flight simulation and weather engine
  • Autopilot or software embedded flight controller
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Inspections of power transmission/electrical equipment
  • Firefighting
  • Security/Night surveillance
  • Building heat/cooling losses
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Threat detection: chemical, radiation, biological, explosives
  • Training is with Flir thermal infrared sensors.


Course Duration: 40 Hours Call for pricing.