Drone Aerial Photography Training

Drone Aerial Photography Training: UAS/UAV/Drone Commercial Training.

This Challenger course is for those pilots wishing to learn aerial photography and is also an introduction to capturing and editing aerial video footage using the latest drone technology with your own equipment. This training combines flight maneuvering area with many natural and man-made features along with training lab time for editing training. You will receive training in video camera setup, camera maneuvers, shooting practices, and pre and post production planning. In addition, the class will cover safe flying practices with an emphasis on current FAA airspace regulations, rules and privacy concerns. 

  • Introduction to aerial photography
  • Equipment and camera setup
  • Composition of aerial shots and maneuvers
  • Video shooting practices
  • Story boarding and shot list overview
  • Copyright law
  • Live video filming, on location, with your own drone aerial platform
  • Editing and packaging your aerial shoot
  • Hands on training with editing software
  • Safe flying practices, FAA rules, airspace and privacy concerns
  • Certificate of Completion
  • This course is designed for the advanced drone operator who does not require basic flight maneuver training
  • Each student is to provide their own drone equipped with a video camera for aerial filming
  • Each student is to provide their own laptop computer for editing purposes

Course Duration: 40 Hours Call for pricing.