Training & Services

Challenger Training and Support Group has an approved UAV/UAS training program to fit your needs. This program is one of the first in its field that focuses on the manufacturing, flight operation and maintenance of the systems used in Unmanned Aerial and Surface Vehicles or Drones.

The Challenger team of highly trained pilots, training staff, administration, and operations staff pride themselves on operating at the highest of safety and operational standards at all times. With over 100 years’ experience under our belt.  All of our staff are committed to your training success and we are proud of our reputation for delivering outstanding training and customer service on the ground, sea and in the air.  

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Challenger Aerospace Systems – Manufacturer

Challenger Aerospace Systems is a manufacturer and contract manufacturer of the latest fixed wing, multi-rotor airframes and surface vehicles built in our state of the art factory. We specialize in the design and manufacture of highly-reliable airborne video/data telemetry systems for commercial and military aerospace applications. CAS can offer our products to adapt to our customers’ needs and requests.

Challenger Flight Systems – Operational systems

Challenger Flight Systems provide the latest innovative ideas and applications that offer turn-key solutions for UAV/USV/ASV control and ground stations. CFS supplies the next generation ground station that manages fully autonomous flight, surface and ground systems, controls and sensors.

Challenger Dragon Works – Design Services

Challenger Dragon Works Design Team is the design and engineer part of the company, we also consult on the changing drone/UAV market and rapidly advancing technology.

Challenger Ground Systems – Ground Tactical Vehicles

Challenger offers state of the art tactical vehicle or unmanned ground systems (UGS) and equipment sales and customer tailored systems to meet the mission needs.

Challenger Marine Systems – Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV)

Challenger offers a full line of unmanned surface vehicles (USV) and equipment sales and customer tailored systems to meet the mission needs.

Challenger Training and Support – UAS and Support

Offers FAA ground and flight training and ongoing support for tomorrow’s future UAV pilots and operators keeping them up to date on drone regulations that are frequently changing. Training and support trains all customer on our equipment.