Challenger Aerospace Systems is a privately owned and operated company seeking private qualified investors. We embody the newest ideas and technology for the UAV/Drone market. CAS is one of the leading developers in the rapidly-developing field of unmanned vehicles, We design subsystems develops platforms, and manufactures airframes and train operators. […]


Training and Support

Challenger Training and Support Challenger Training and Support,  offers a commercial grade, a five-day hands-on training course with one of our experienced expert instructors, up to date on the latest cutting edge technology, to advance you in the knowledge and operating skill for one of our fixed wing and multi-rotor […]

Ground Control Station Training

Ground Control Station Training: GCS-UAV/UAS/ Commercial Training. This Challenger course teaches the responsible of GCS-UAV communication and operation of the GCS software and its dedicated communications protocols. Payload capabilities like multisensor observation gimbal control or other dedicated equipment service are also implemented in the same specialized software for payload management. […]