Challenger Flight Systems

Challenger flight Systems offers a wide range of professional grade Ground Control Station solutions which allow a single operator to handle all tasks related to flying an unmanned aircraft or controlling an unmanned vehicle. Everything built according to NATO STANAG 4586 to ensure full interoperability with allied forces

We provide complete unmanned vehicle solutions based on field proven airframes together with sub-components and GCS software. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of unmanned systems. We can also tailor our unmanned systems to fit your special needs.  Challenger configures complete Ground Control Stations including tracking antennas, ground data terminals, shelters, and ground comm’s connectivity according to customer’s requirements. An infinite number of configurations is possible and solutions are tailored to field requirements.

Our directional ground antennas maximize any data link’s range and overall performance. Used to support air-to-ground, high-speed video and IP networks, The ground antennas provide high-gain redundant tracking that extends range and improves accuracy. The tracking antenna can auto-acquire your signal and maintain a lock even if airborne and/or ground assets are moving rapidly. Challenger has developed various kinds of ground control stations from small portable types run by a few operators to bigger vehicle-carrying types and several vehicle-carrying type ground control stations. Challenger has also developed the network video transmitting and receiving systems, including GNC(Guidance/Navigation/Control) software and hardware.